How To Design A Basic Lead Nurturing Track

Lead nurturing should probably be at the heart of every marketing strategy. A basic lead nurturing track could be loosely modelled on the following example. The idea is that you would want to take a cold lead and turn them into a paying customer through education and thought leadership, rather than through hard sales tactics.

Please note that this is an 'entry level' type of track - you can find more detailed information on more advanced lead nurturing throughout this blog.

How To Design A Basic Lead Nurturing Track

Initial Contact - Getting The Leads In The First Place

Before you can begin to nurture your leads, you clearly need to win them in the first place. This is relatively straightforward to do through your website.

Let's say that you have written an e-book full of relevant and useful information related to your industry. If you are in the legal profession, this e-book may highlight important changes about to take place within property law, for example. This e-book would be freely available on your site, where users could download the document in exchange for their name, phone number and email address.

So, this is the first part of the process - you have successfully gained contact details (along with permission for future emails of course!) in return for materials that your prospects will find useful.

The Next Stage - Put Your Lead Nurturing Track Together

The next stage in designing your lead nurturing strategy is to work out the steps that your process will consist of. These steps make up what is known as a 'lead nurturing track'. A basic lead nurturing track will normally be made up of around 5-7 steps and most of these will be email based. However, phone calls can also be included in these tracks too as shown below.

What Is A Lead Nurturing Track?

Here is an example of what your lead nurturing campaign - or track - could look like. A lead nurturing track is made up of a series of autoresponder emails, which are set up to be sent out automatically at specific intervals.

Here is an example of the steps a basic lead nurturing track could consist of:

Autoresponder Step One

An email sent one week after the initial download. This email could provide more information on the e-book topic, perhaps linking to a blog post or other resource that you think would be useful to your prospect. This email wouldn't be a hard sales effort at all - you want to win your prospects loyalty through education and thought leadership.

Autoresponder Step Two

Another email, sent around one week after Step One above. In this email, you could send another e-book - using the property law example above, perhaps this e-book could be a guide as to the steps your prospect could take to ensure they are complying with the new laws about to come into effect. Again, this isn't about the hard sell remember, it's about gently moving your new lead through your sales and marketing process. 

Autoresponder Step Three

Yep, you guessed it - another email sent around a week after Step Two. There isn't a problem in sending these emails as long as your recipient has opted in and the materials you send are relevant and interesting. You definitely don't want to send the same email over and over again - each one should be fresh, new, relevant content.

For example, you might use this email to specifically highlight your social media accounts - again, these would be useful to your prospect as (I'm guessing) they will be kept up to date with news from your business and industry, for example.

Autoresponder Step Four

At this point (about a week after sending Step Three), you might want to send a relatively short 'touching base type' email to your prospect. It could be something along the lines of a two or three sentence email introducing yourself and making it clear that you are available at any time to help with any questions that your prospect may have.

Again, not a hard sale here - you are simply 'touching base' for the first time and are letting your prospect know that there is a real person behind the information they are receiving.

Autoresponder Step Five

Again - around a week after Step Four - this step will most likely be email based and will consist of sending more relevant materials to your prospect. You get the idea here - you'll want to send information that will be useful and interesting to your future customer. E-books work well, although so do well written blog posts or other media such as video or infographics that you may have.

Autoresponder Step Six

A few days after Step Five, you might want to schedule in a phone call so that you can actually speak to your prospect. If they are still subscribed and are reading your emails, it means that they are engaged with you and our business and that this will not be a cold call.

In this call, you might want to ask if there were any particular issues that were being faced by your prospect and suggest ways in which you could help (I've written a lot about effective telesales - you might find some inspiration there about how best to handle these calls).

Where To Go To Set Up Your Own Lead Nurturing Track

When you are ready to set up your lead nurturing campaign, I'd recommend starting off with an entry level autoresponder system such as MailChimp or Aweber. They both offer intuitive, flexible and cost-effective email marketing platforms that will help you get started easily.

In Sum

This example is a basic look at how you can begin to utilise the process of lead nurturing in your business. It will help you to increase leads and ultimately earn more revenue and profit if done correct. As you can see this type of lead nurturing track would achieve the following:

-  It takes care of the 'warming up' process in an automated fashion
-  It's designed to move your prospect from being a warmish-lead to a sales ready prospect
-  It helps your lead by supplying them with useful and relevant information

When you get the hang of this, there are much more advanced forms of lead nurturing that you can consider - just get the basics down first and you can adapt the process almost limitlessly.

Thanks for reading,

By Alan MacDougall

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