Remarketing - A Great Way You Can Put It To Use In Your Small Business

I love marketing processes that you can put to work for you 24-7, 365 days a year. This gives you more time to focus on strategy and on other important parts of your business. Google AdWords - along with other forms of PPC advertising - have always fit the bill well in this respect, although in this post I want to explain how you can use a specific feature within Google AdWords to really ramp up brand-building and lead generation online: Remarketing.

First of all, if you are wondering what Remarketing is, here is a brief explanation to help bring you up to speed.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarking is a pretty straightforward process to understand, and you've probably come across it yourself as you browse the web day or night. Let's say that you've been researching a new purchase online - for example, a Chromebook (which I'm writing this post on actually). After having a good look at the product, you decide against making a purchase at that time. So, you navigate away from the page and go back to whatever it was you were doing before looking up the Chromebook.

But, something is different this time - as you surf the web, you see Chromebook adverts following your every move.

How Does This Happen?

Well. the easy way to explain it is that the website vendor would be tracking website page visitors and then would use the Google Display Network (sites that show Google Ads) to re-target these visitors with relevant adverts after they leave the site and browse through the wider web.

Here is a video from Google that explains how the process works in more detail:

How Can You Use Remarketing In Your Business?

There are probably lots of different ways you can use this system if you think hard enough, although here is one of my favourite uses at the moment - newsletter list building. I'm really keen on this at the moment because it's a very efficient and cost effective way of adding people to your email list and thereby moving them into the top part of your sales funnel. From that point you can nurture them all the way until they become paying customers.

Using Remarketing To Build Your Newsletter List

Remarketing can be a great way to build your newsletter list. Let's say that your e-book landing page has a conversion rate of 10%  (for every 100 people landing on this page, 10 people are signing up for your newsletter). The other 90% are having a look, but maybe don't have enough of a compelling reason to sign up, or maybe the level of trust isn't there yet. This is perfectly normal, and 10% is actually a good conversion rate.

"But what if you could double, or even triple, this conversion rate?"

I'm not saying that if you implemented a remarketing campaign that your conversion rates would double or triple, but by re-targeting these visitors you are undoubtedly going to improve your conversion rates. 

You could use the remarketing process to remind the visitors about your e-book, tempting them back onto the page to download your content and and add their details to your newsletter list. With every dollar being spent on email marketing returning over $43 in sales, I think it's worth the effort and expense in running a remarketiing campaign.

Update: if you are looking for more general PPC information, here is a post on pay-per-click options available for your small business. Also, I have written a more in-depth guide on Retargeting here.

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By Alan MacDougall

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