In A Rut Marketing Your Awesome Small Business? 5 Tips To Help Keep You Motivated

Marketing your small business can be challenging at times, especially if you are not seeing results as quickly as you'd like to. It can be a struggle to keep plugging away, day in, day out, when you can't really see the needle moving.

It's especially hard to craft that amazing sales pitch or create that killer piece of content when you're going through these spells - it seems to sap your inspiration, doesn't it?

how to keep motivated

With that in mind, I thought I'd write a post that will hopefully help you get through the tougher moments, which we all face from time to time.

Here goes:

1) Keep Your Eye On The Goal - What Is Your Ultimate Plan?

For me anyway, one of the best ways to keep myself going through the days and weeks that - quite frankly - suck, is to take five and remind myself of what I am trying to achieve. It doesn't matter what you are trying to achieve - the important thing is that you have a clear goal and that it's something you want to achieve.

There are a few ways that you can keep this at the forefront of your mind, such as:

  • Putting together a 'vision board' and keeping it on your desk
  • Having a picture that reminds you of your goal on your PC/laptop/tablet screen
  • Writing up a mantra and framing it above your desk

Either way, the key is to to be able to quickly and easily remind yourself of your goal so that you can become inspired at the drop of a hat.

2) Get Excited About Your Goal - Remember Why You Are Doing This

This might sound the same as the first tip above, although there is a difference. The first tip gets you to focus on the 'what', whereas this tips gets you to focus on the 'why'. For example, your 'what' and 'why' might be something along the lines of:

  • The 'What' - I want to have the best dental practice in my town
  • The 'Why' - Because it will afford myself and my family the lives we want

Essentially, this tip is all about the meaning that you have attached to your goal. If you really, really want them and can truly feel the emotion attached to achieving your goal, you'll quickly find out that it's much more powerful than the odd rough patch you may go through. 

Reminding yourself of this will go a long way to keeping you going when you're frustrated and feel like taking your foot off the pedal.

3) Understand That Motivation Comes In Waves

Another thing to remember is that motivation seems to come in waves - by this, I mean that you shouldn't put lots of pressure on yourself to feel motivated all of the time. Some days you'll feel like you can take on the world, and some days you'll feel more like a damp squib. This is completely normal and it doesn't mean that you are lazy or anything like that at all.

Just knowing this can help you get past the tougher days. When you do feel like you can take on the world, you give everything you have and take massive steps forward - when you don't feel so good, you do what you can - even if you just get yourself one step closer to your goal.

4) Achieve Small Wins And Celebrate Them Like They're Huge

Something else that I find really helps is paying close attention to the things that you do achieve on your off days and kind of 'over-celebrating' them. For example, here are some small wins that might often get overlooked, but are worth celebrating as you work towards your main goal:

  • An increase in daily web traffic
  • A new lead through your website
  • A new lead generated through telemarketing
  • Someone retweeting one of your posts
  • Finishing and publishing your latest blog post

Whatever happens, just make sure you celebrate these things like they are massive milestones - the worst that can happen is that you'll feel a bit silly, but then than might help to brighten your mood if you can laugh at yourself :-).

5) Look For Support Or Help - It's Available In Many Different Forms

Finally, if you are really struggling and you think you're getting nowhere, take a bit of time and have a look online for some help. Obviously there is a fine line between being proactive here and procrastinating your way to an even worse day, although if you get the balance right, it can really help brighten your mood.

Here are some things you can easily look for on various business blogs and forums:

  • Inspirational stories from people who have made it through challenging times
  • Tips and advice on doing something different with your marketing on that day
  • Other small business owners ranting about terrible days - it's good to know you're not the only one! :-)

The important thing here is to take 5, relax, re-charge and then get back to your task - if you procrastinate all day, you'll just end up feeling much worse than you did originally.

In Sum - How To Keep Motivated When Marketing Your Small Business

  • Remind yourself of your main goal - the awesome thing you are striving to achieve
  • Imagine how achieving this goal will make you feel - excited, happy, successful, king/queen of the world?
  • Understand that motivation comes in waves - don't beat yourself up about low days, just do what you can and then excel on your good days
  • Celebrate every win or step forward, no matter how small they may seem
  • Spend some time 'taking 5' and reading inspirational content from people who have made it

Hopefully this post has helped you - if you are having specific, long term problems with your marketing strategy not working, then this post should be able to help further.

Thanks for reading!

By Alan MacDougall

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