Mobile Optimised, Local Search Marketing Is Awesome - Here's The Proof

Okay, so I've written a lot of posts on this blog about the idea that you should keep a diversified marketing strategy in mind and especially that first page rankings and Twitter followers aren't the be all and end all. I still stand by that - you can most definitely help your business succeed by focusing on other marketing strategies while you are waiting for your digital presence to mature.

However, if I can be really specific, I'm now convinced that for the average small business owner, one of the best ways of developing your enterprise is to start focusing your attention on a great, mobile optimised local search marketing presence.

Mobile Optimised Local Search Is Awesome - Here's The Proof
The types of businesses I'm thinking about here include:

  • B2B service-based businesses
  • Shops, coffee shops and restaurants
  • Hairdressers, salons
  • Local attractions and amenities

Here's why I think the mobile optimised search space is really worth putting some time, effort and creativity into.

43% Of All Google Searches Are Local In Nature (Source)

To start with, it's important for you to know that a huge number of Google searches are local in nature - 43% to be exact. This gives you a great indication of how powerful a strong local presence can be for your business. For example, you could spend huge amounts of time and money trying to rank for a broad term such as 'coffee shop', whereas if you targeted a more specific term such as 'coffee shop [insert street/town}, you'd probably see better and quicker returns.

Three Out Of Five Consumers Search For Local Businesses On Their Smartphone (Source)

So, if 60% of your potential customer base is searching for your type of product or service on their mobile phone, then in makes sense that you would want to make sure that you were involved in mobile search marketing and that your site was mobile optimised.

You wouldn't tell 60% of the customers who came through your door that you weren't interested in their custom or business, so why convey that message by not providing a great local search experience for mobile users?

This point is emphasised even further by the following statistic.

46% Of People Won't Revisit A Mobile Site That Doesn't Function Correctly

This is related to the 'Mobile optimised' part of my post title - it seems there is little point in having a great local search presence if your site doesn't work well on mobile devices. This is really very straightforward to sort out these days - an excellent place to start for more information is the 'How To Go Mobile' campaign by Google:

How To Go Mo

25% Of Mobile Users Think That Proximity Is The Most Important Factor When Looking For Products/Services

What does this suggest? Well, to me it shows the power that localised small businesses have online. If you can first of all make sure you can be found online, that your site is then well optimised for mobile devices and that, finally, you can show the user that you are nearby, you will stand a good chance of seeing some good returns.

And what about if you are running a Google Adwords/PPC campaign while your organic search presence is picking up? Again, the message is that you should do so with a local marketing focus in mind, because;

80% Of Mobile Users Would Rather See Locally Relevant Advertising And 75% Are More Likely To Take Action After Seeing  A Locally Targeted Advert (Source)

So, to think about this in another way: if you are going to spend money on a PPC/Google Adwords campaign, then it sounds like you'll see a better ROI by targeting your local area and by making it clear that you are a local business.

A couple of easy things you could do to achieve this are:

  • By using your local town/city name in your Ad copy
  • By using Ad extensions, such as a local area code telephone number or street address in your campaigns

In Sum

I hope the above shows that it's really important to make sure that you have a strong local search marketing position - whether this is organic or paid - and that your site is capable of delivering a good mobile user experience. It seems like the search is shifting in this direction at great pace - local, mobile search is here to stay and it can deliver great returns for your business if you can learn to embrace it.

Thanks for reading!

By Alan MacDougall
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