Social Media Sharing Statistics [Infographic]

Social sharing statistics are always interesting to look at. While I was having a look through various stats I came across this infographic from - I thought it was the best I had seen so I wanted to share it here.

Here is the actual graphic, it should hopefully give you a helping hand as you go about putting together your social media marketing strategy.

Social media sharing stats infographic

Most Interesting Points From A Small Business Perspective
  • "40% of Twitter users rarely post but use it to consume content" - this makes it a great place to promote your content-based, lead nurturing campaigns
  • "34% of companies have generated leads on Twitter" (by doing the above?)
  • "55% of users access Twitter through a mobile device" - important to make sure content is optimised for mobile then
  • "Social media sharing became the second most important factor is search rankings, surpassed only by strong content" - interesting, sounds a bit loaded but it's worth a detailed look to find out exactly how this was defined

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