Lead Nurturing - How You Can Use It To Re-engage Old Customers

Lead nurturing is such a powerful process due to the fact that it's email based, highly automated and versatile. One use for a lead nurturing process is that of re-engagement - the art of bringing old customers back onto your books.

Over the past week, I received a couple of these emails from Kashflow, who provide online accounting software. I tried the software out a year or so ago (roughly anyway) although I didn't use it for long.

In any case, Kashflow have obviously set about designing a re-engagement campaign, which I like the the look of. Here is an overview of what they are doing:

Re-engagement Email One

Here is a screenshot of the first email I received 2 days ago:

Lead Nurturing - How You Can Use It To Re-engage Old Customers

Re-engagement Email Two

And here is the follow up reminder email, sent 2 days after the first one (today).
Lead Nurturing - How You Can Use It To Re-engage Old Customers

What Are The Good Points About These Emails?

I really like these emails, especially the first one. Here's why:

-   By listing reasons that users might have abandoned the platform, along with resolutions, Kashflow show that the are in touch with their user-base. This goes a long way to establishing trust
-   By updating the recipient about the resolutions, they are making it clear that your experience of the software will be different this time - why not try it out one more time and see?
-   By giving a completely free, 3 month pass to use the software, they are allowing you to see if it's a better fit this time at no risk to yourself - it's a no brainer really
-   The second email is a nice, timely reminder with a clear call to action - just in case you forgot to do something about the first one (like I did)

In sum, these emails are spot on in my opinion. Kashflow have:

-   Taken the time to first of all identify who has stopped using their software
-   They have then tried to figure out why
-   They have then explained resolutions
-   They have offered a no risk pass to see if it works out better this time

All in all, great stuff. Why not see if you can implement a similar strategy in terms of re-engaging old customers? I've no idea what the success rate of this campaign will be, although my gut feeling says it will be good. If you're campaign is as compelling as this, there's no reason why yours can't be also.

Thanks for reading,

By Alan MacDougall

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