Wondering How And Where To Hire Marketing Freelancers? Here Are A Few Notes To Help

Hopefully, this blog and other online resources give you enough information and ideas so that you can take care of your own marketing process in-house, or at least the vast majority of it.

However, there will no doubt be times that you need the help of a third party marketing freelancer. If you are at that stage and have stumbled across this page while looking, then this post should give you a helping hand in finding one.

Wondering How And Where To Hire Marketing Freelancers? Here Are A Few Notes To Help

First Of All, Why Might You Need A Marketing Freelancer In The First Place?

There are a few reasons as to why you would want to hire a marketing freelancer in the first place:

  • You might need help for a few hours with a technical website/SEO issue
  • You might want a professional marketer to review your work/progress so far
  • You might need some help in designing a specific part of your marketing strategy
  • You might feel like you are 'hitting the wall' and that some fresh eyes and ideas are exactly what you need
Whatever the reason, it good to know that no matter what you need help with, you are just about guaranteed to find someone that can help you

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Contractor?

Essentially, I think there are two main benefits associated with hiring a marketing freelancer, as follows:

  • There is no fixed, long term contract involved and you're not saddled with being responsible for taxes and so forth - you can hire a contractor through one of the sites below for a few hours, weeks or months. The choice is yours. 
  • You and your business gain instant expertise without the need for recruitment and staff training - there are experts available on all of the sites below who can efficiently and effectively see to your problems.
If you are ready to start your search, here are the best places to begin.

The Best Places To Look For Your New Contractor

People Per Hour

Of all the outsourcing platforms mentioned here, People Per Hour (or PPH) is my favourite. This is mostly because of personal reasons - I am listed there and actively use the site. However, I use it because it's a great platform - the site is easy to use and all buyers and sellers I have dealt with through there have been very professional indeed.

You can get to this site here: People Per Hour


oDesk is another site I'm familiar with, although I've never actually used it before. It's supposed to be the largest outsourcing site in the world now (as per their about us page) and if you have a look inside, you'll probably see that this looks to be true. It's full of jobs and contractors from all over the world - if you need something done, you'll find someone who can do it there.

You can get to this site here: oDesk


The Elance site is fresh, easy to use and it also boast an impressive selection of jobs and contractors. For example, at the time of writing, their home page states that they currently have over 53,500 marketers available for hire. As with all of the platforms mentioned here, it's free to sign up and post your job.

You can get to this site here: Elance


Freelancer is another great place to find your marketing contractor. It's a big site, although rather confusingly, their home page also claims that they are the largest outsourcing site for small businesses (maybe Freelancer and oDesk use different metrics). Anyway, with 4.5 million registered freelancers, you are bound to find a marketing partner to help with your campaigns.

You can get to this site here: Freelancer

How Do These Sites Work?

It's really simply to use sites like these. From a client perspective, all you do is follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Write up a job/project description
  • Sign up for one - or all - of the sites above (free registration)
  • Post your job spec in the relevant category 
  • Review bids and applications as they come in
  • Check out the history and work profiles of the ones you are interested in - arrange a telephone call/interview if necessary
  • Allocate the project to the successful candidate
  • Pay when the job is complete

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring Through Such Sites

All of the sites above do a great job in protecting both sides from unscrupulous behaviour. However, it's also best to take steps to protect yourself and to be careful when dealing with contractors that you don't really know at all.

For example, here are a few notes:

  • Don't accept offers to issue payment outside of the sites' own payment system
  • Don't agree to requests to pay before the project is complete or previously agreed milestones are met - this might seem obvious, although you'd be amazed at how many people get burned this way
  • Always check reviews - it's hard for dodgy freelancers to hide on sites like these due to the nature of public reviews, and good freelancers should have at least a handful of good reviews to help prove themselves

I hope this helps and all the best in finding yourself a marketing partner :-)

Thanks for reading,

By Alan MacDougall

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