Twitter Ads - Here's What Twitter Themselves Say About The Value Of A Follower

Yesterday, Twitter emailed out a link to the following infographic, which goes into some pretty interesting detail about the value of a follower and the ROI you could expect to see if you used their Advertising platform, Twitter Ads. They make a compelling case for its use - here are the key figures from the document (click the link below to get to the original):

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73% of Tweeters follow an SME for product updates

I thought this was quite interesting. It makes sense of course, although we also know that too much promotion will put fans and followers off. I wonder if this is the primary reason that Tweeters follow SME's? Probably not, I don't think anyway.

85% of Tweeters feel more engaged with an SME after following them

Well this make sense and is pretty obvious, not really too much to say about this one. Other than I wonder why the other 15% don't feel engaged with a Twitter account they have just chosen to follow...

82% of Tweeters are likely to recommend an SME they follow to friends

Now this is more interesting and relevant. It shows why it's worth spending time building up your following - you're engaging with real people, who have real friends and families etc. And if they like what you say, they're likely to help spread the word. I'd say that this is particularly helpful if you are a local business targeting a local market.

72% of followers are likely to make a purchase after following a company

This is a nice, concrete figure to work with. Although it doesn't give a monetary figure, it's good to see an exact figure on how many of your followers are likely to become customers of your business at some point in the future. Again, it's worth spending the time building up a solid foundation of engaged followers.


  • Try and build up as targeted a following as possible - buying followers or building a following that isn't relevant may make your account look good, although doing this will certainly dilute the figures mentioned above. More target followers will mean a better overall return
  • Behave while you Tweet - Clearly, Tweeters pay attention to what you say and talk to their friends and colleagues about it. If you're good, they should be too
  • Interact regularly, but don't over-promote - although it's great that so many Tweeters follow SME's for updates, I'd still err on the site of caution and make most of your Tweets non-promotional in nature
  • RT and mention your key followers when appropriate - try to identify your best followers (the ones who are helping you spread your message) and help them out when appropriate by retweeting their posts or mentioning them. This will go a long way towards helping them feel more engaged and connected with your brand

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By Alan MacDougall

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